How do I earn if I become a member?

– Upon payment of membership fee, you are given a membership ” CODE ” which you can use to log in on the IAM WORLDWIDE system to purchase products at 50% discount. Your discount is lifetime since you already obtain you membership.
– Member also get a rebate on every products purchase.
– Acquired the area distributor rights and can sell products online and in retail store.
– Earn commissions, travel allowance, cars, house and lot incentives.
– Continuous support and product seminar to enhance your knowledge and skills into selling.
– Possible earning of up to 24K a week in referral commission, plus a chance to win of 80K to 1M on the monthly raffle.
– To join IAM Worldwide organization, simply purchase our FEATURED MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES, and start your online business. These “WORK FOROM HOME ” business is being introduce by IAM Worldwide in cooperation with 2KP WELLNESS HEALTH & BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Your trusted and reliable online partners.
– Click the BUY BOTTON now and start your own business journey.
– #TheNewNormalEntrepreneur

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